Friday, July 9, 1999

Resistance conference guest attacked

By Chris Latham

Dhyta Caturani, who was scheduled as a guest speaker at the Resistance National Conference in Melbourne, July 8-11, was attacked by the Indonesian military in Jakarta on July 1. Dhyta was participating in a demonstration organised by the People's Democratic Party (PRD), which demanded an end to the dual role of the military in Indonesian politics and the disqualification of Golkar for electoral fraud (see articles on pages 3 and 4).

Dhyta was taken behind police lines and shot in the back of the head. Her face was badly beaten by the boot of a police officer.

Dhyta was rushed to hospital in a critical condition. Before losing consciousness, she told those around her, "I still want to go to the Resistance conference".

At the time Resistance magazine went to print, it was not clear whether or not Dhyta will be able to attend the conference. However, the PRD will try to send an alternative representative if Dhyta cannot attend.

Resistance has scheduled into the conference agenda a public action in solidarity with the victims of police repression in Indonesia. Supporters are asked to gather at 6pm on Friday, July 9, at Trades Hall for a march along Brunswick Street in the city.

Another guest speaker at the conference, Farooq Sulheria from the National Student Federation of Pakistan, has had his visa application rejected twice by the Australian government.

This article orginally appeared in Green Left Weekly #367


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