Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our strikes and demonstrations are not reusable by the fascists!

The following is a rough translation of a joint issued by the SUD Rail Federation (the Trade Union Solidaires Confederation’s affiliate in the Rail industry) and the CGT union at the Continental plant in Clairoix (the CGT lead a campaign against Continental's decision to close the plant during 2009). It is taken from the text published on the Solidaires website.

Our strikes and demonstrations are not reusable by the fascists!
Joint statement SUD-Rail Federation / CGT Continental Clairoix

Extreme right wing groups have broadcast on the internet video appeals for their racist and fascist initiatives, which feature many images of social actions, including of railway workers and from Continental. This manipulation shows that the extreme right is looking for a social pretext for its demagogic and dangerous manoeuvres.

At the same time as these groups are increasing racist attacks, attacks are also occurring against social movement activists. The increasing trivialisation of racism in the language of elected officials and political leaders has revitalised and relegitimised a political movement that some thought to be on the brink, but now returns with greater strength in both speech and deed.

The racist escalation succeeds in intensifying the hunt for the undocumented and increasing the pressure to criminalise solidarity. We must denounce the employers' offensive against the social movements which takes on the spirit of Le Pen and lays the foundation for fascism.

The social crisis provides fertile ground for advocates of “every man for himself”. The extreme right has always thrived on misery and mass unemployment. The planned job cuts that follow one after another along with factory relocations offer fertile ground. The masses are still paying and counting the cost of the capitalist financial crisis.

Fighting against the employers' offensive, against the destruction of the welfare state (pensions, social security), is also a struggle against the extreme right. Just like the fight alongside the most vulnerable fringes of the proletariat: the undocumented worker, the unemployed and the employees threatened with dismissal ...

Let's work together so that tomorrow is not worse than today!

Our strikes and protests have nothing in common with those who exude hatred, division, the cult of the leader, the rejection of human rights, ...

Together with other forces union, association and political forces we will participate in the demonstration against fascism, May 9 in Paris.
April 13, 2010


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