Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thousands mobilise across Germany against the Far-Right

Lisbeth Latham

Tens of thousands of people joined counter protests against a marches by members of the far right across Germany on May 1.

Sozialistische Alternative report on their website that in Berlin 15, 000 people blockaded the Prenzlauer Berg district, restricting the march by 400 neo-nazis to just 350 metres of their intended 6 km march route.

In Bavaria, more than 15,000 people protested against Nazi marching on the road, with nearly 10,000 in Schweinfurt and 5000 in W├╝rzburg. In Zwickau around 2000 people demonstrated under the slogan "Our city has tired of Nazis" against a march of 300 Nazis. In Erfurt 1,500 people prevented 400 Nazis from marching more than 500 meters.

The Revolutionary Socialist League reports on their website that in Duisburg, 300 members of the far right National Democratic Party of Germany marched in support of legislation against minarets on Mosques. The march, which was met with a counter demonstration of 1000 anti-fascist activists, was allowed to march under the protection of 3000 police. Despite the heavy police presence the length of the NDP’s march was restricted.

In addition to these anti-fascist protests, traditional May Day mobilisations also occurred with the German Confederation of Trade Unions estimating that 484, 000 people attended protests across Germany.


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