Friday, October 21, 2011

ETA Announces Ceasfire

[The following statement from Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA - Basque Homeland and Freedom) was made on October 20, 2011, it outlines it reasons for making a definitive ceasefire. Hopefully this action along with the political dynamics that has lead to it will result in a significant growth in the struggle for socilaism, democracy and independence in Euskal Herria].

ETA, socialist revolutionary Basque organisation of national liberation,
desires through this declaration to announce its decision:

ETA considers that the international conference held recently in the
Euskal Herria [Basque Country] is an initiative of great political
transcendence. The agreed resolution brings together the ingredients for
an integrated solution to the conflict and has the support of large
sectors of Basque society and of the international community.

In Euskal Herria, a new political age is opening. We face a historic
opportunity to obtain a just and democratic solution to the age-old
political conflict.

Faced with violence and repression, dialogue and agreement must
characterise the new age. The recognition of Euskal Herria and respect
for popular will must prevail over any imposition. This is the will of
the majority of Basque citizens.

The struggle of many years has created this opportunity. It has not been
an easy road. The rawness of the struggle has claimed many companions
forever. Others are suffering jail or exile. To these our recognition
and heartfelt homage. From here on, the road will not be easy either.
Facing the imposition which still remains, every step, every
achievement, will be fruit of the effort and struggle of Basque
citizens. Throughout the years Euskal Herria has accumulated the
experience and strength necessary to tackle this road and it also has
the determination to do it.

It is time to look to the future with hope, it is also time to act with
responsibility and valour.

Because of all this, Eta has decided on the definitive cessation of its
armed activity. Eta makes a call to the governments of Spain and France
to open a process of direct dialogue which has as its aim the resolution
of the consequences of the conflict and thus the conclusion of the armed
conflict. With this historic declaration, Eta demonstrates its clear,
firm and definitive purpose.

Eta finally calls on Basque society to get involved in this process
until peace and liberty are achieved.

Long live the free Euskal Herria, Long live Basque socialism, no rest
until independence and socialism.

In Euskal Herria, 20 October 2011

Euskadi Ta Askatasuna



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