Saturday, September 7, 2019

France: Impose another future - Solidaires' call for strikes and mobilisations September 20 and 21

The mobilizations of September may seem scattered. They respond to different issues. We believe that conditions must be created to converge them to create a sufficient balance of power. To bend the government and the bosses and propose alternatives for another future.
Several dates of mobilizations and sectoral strikes will take place in September: in the urgency all over France, September 13 at the RATP, September 16 to the public finances ... All are the fruit of the struggles against regressive policies of this government: attacks all in the same vein, public service cuts, the removal of civil servants, the deterioration of working conditions, etc. Yellow vests will also resume. The "solutions" of Macron have not extinguished the social anger that persists despite the repressions at work. Climate change and pensions are part of the battle to build another alternative.
Solidaires calls on the 20th to strike and demonstrate, to be with students, high school students, college students who are mobilizing for their future and ours. Participate in events, rallies, events, public debates, at the initiative of young people! On September 21st, new marches and disobedience actions will take place all over the country and yellow vests will also be on the street!
Let us hear our voices:

  • for other transport and energy policies: to provide access to efficient public transport all over the country
  • for local public services (schools, hospitals, access to water) ...)
  • for an environmentally friendly agriculture and the end of pesticides that pollute nature and endanger populations.
Solidaires brings clear claims that go against a point system: it will impoverish retirees and will gradually switch to expensive private insurance systems!
We reject this system and claim:

  • A starting age to 60 years maximum, and less in case of hardship,
  • a replacement rate of 75% and at least the minimum wage,
  • that effective equality between women and men finally be implemented!
The question of funding is the one the government wants to bury:
prosperous capitalism for the benefit of some (50 billion euros paid back to shareholders of French companies in the first half-six-months), exemptions from employer contributions, tax choices, fraud and tax evasion still favour the same, and that is why
a radical change is necessary, for the climate, for the public services, for social protection!
Let's fight to impose other choices, for another future


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